Fair Trade Ginger available in all formats including dry and fresh

For ten years Ginger Dragon has supplied organic ginger products from China and has recently been working hard to make Fair Trade ginger products readily available to its customers.

If you are a professional manufacturer and or new product development team looking for an ethical, Fair Trade product our extensive experience enables us to help you select the best ginger product for your application.

All our ginger varieties are now available in fair trade format: fresh, dry, crystallised, syruped etc

Available now

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Community Causes: Ginger Dragon Supports Robert from Beeches Chocolates

Ginger Dragon is keen to support people who strive to make their community better so when customer Robert White from Beeches Chocolates took part in Ride London 100 we were pleased to support him.

Thank you for supporting me in my Ride London 100 ‘adventure’  writes Robert. I have attached a couple of photos, showing firstly the ‘waves’ of riders at the start outside the Olympic Stadium, (I am in the bottom right hand corner !) and the second is of Adam (youngest son) and myself outside Buckingham Place at the finish.

It was a fabulous event and something that I will never forget for many reasons, some good, some bad, there were many moments of pure elation and a few of doom and gloom, but the thought of riding to raise over £1300 through your support kept me going.

Once again thanks for your donations, support and kind words.


Ginger – can help you loose weight a fact known in Asia for a very long time…

London – Drinking hot water with a touch of ginger may help to burn calories and encourage weight loss.
Scientists from Columbia University in the US gave ten overweight men in their 30s two types of breakfast on different days.
On one day they had muffins, orange juice and a glass of hot water, and on the second morning they had the same breakfast, but the hot water had 2g of powdered ginger (available in supermarkets) dissolved in it.
Results show that men had a greater sense of fullness after the ginger drink, and they burnt 43 more calories in the six hours following the meal.
The team were unclear as to the mechanism behind this, as no effect was observed on insulin or hunger hormones produced in the stomach or gut.
Previous research has shown that gingermay help boost metabolism, and the American scientists hope to perform larger studies to investigate this. – Daily Mail

Preserved Ginger: A Brief History

Crystallised ginger slices became known as “Ming” ginger because it was Emperor Ming’s favourite.

The botanical name for the ginger variety we use in our products is Zingiber Officinale and belongs to the family of spice lilies. It’s homeland is Southeast Asia.

Ginger has few natural enemies and pesticides are not generally needed. Ginger plants require very well drained fertile soil at fairly high altitude, as well as a steady rainfall. These are the conditions found in the upland mountain areas of Southern China.

Ginger Dragon crystallised ginger is manufactured by modern machinery and equipment. In the past, crystallised ginger was refined by more primitive methods. The yield was much smaller and very variable. In fact it was so small, it was only enough to supply the Emperor Ming (pictured right).

Emperor Ming Tai Zu liked crystallised ginger it so much, the manufacture was only performed by his appointment.

Consequently crystallised ginger slices became known as “Ming ginger”.

The aroma of ginger is subtle. It is made up of specific fine scents. The flavour comes from the ginger oil.

Ginger contains proteins, iron, bitter substances and other active biological ingredients which stimulate the stomach and the metabolism and strengthen the bodies physical capabilities.

Candied Ginger retains many of the healthy characteristics associated with ginger. So it is more than just a sweet, it is a good healthy food for you to enjoy every day.