Preserved Ginger: A Brief History

Crystallised ginger slices became known as “Ming” ginger because it was Emperor Ming’s favourite.

The botanical name for the ginger variety we use in our products is Zingiber Officinale and belongs to the family of spice lilies. It’s homeland is Southeast Asia.

Ginger has few natural enemies and pesticides are not generally needed. Ginger plants require very well drained fertile soil at fairly high altitude, as well as a steady rainfall. These are the conditions found in the upland mountain areas of Southern China.

Ginger Dragon crystallised ginger is manufactured by modern machinery and equipment. In the past, crystallised ginger was refined by more primitive methods. The yield was much smaller and very variable. In fact it was so small, it was only enough to supply the Emperor Ming (pictured right).

Emperor Ming Tai Zu liked crystallised ginger it so much, the manufacture was only performed by his appointment.

Consequently crystallised ginger slices became known as “Ming ginger”.

The aroma of ginger is subtle. It is made up of specific fine scents. The flavour comes from the ginger oil.

Ginger contains proteins, iron, bitter substances and other active biological ingredients which stimulate the stomach and the metabolism and strengthen the bodies physical capabilities.

Candied Ginger retains many of the healthy characteristics associated with ginger. So it is more than just a sweet, it is a good healthy food for you to enjoy every day.

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